A city shop is celebrating three decades of clothing customers in "bright colours and quality fashion". 

Isobel Ford founded Isobel's clothing shop in 1994 and is marking the anniversary with a cream tea event running for her customers until Saturday.

The 73-year-old, who previously dealt in antiques, decided to open a clothing shop while on holiday in 1992.

Isobel founded her business in 1994Isobel founded her business in 1994 (Image: Sonya Duncan, Newsquest)

She said: "I went to a clothing shop in Leeds and they had all these lovely bright colours.

"There wasn't much like this in Norwich at the time and I felt like there needed to be somewhere like this.

"So I spoke to the owner and he said to me if I could find a shop he would supply goods to me.

"Two years later I found my first shop in Exchange Street, where Cafe 33 currently is.

Isobel also has another shop in HoltIsobel also has another shop in Holt (Image: Sonya Duncan, Newsquest)

"I was there for a decade before moving to the Drayton shop, in School Lane, where I've been ever since.

"During the last 30 years I've had - at most - five shops but currently have two shops here in Drayton and another in Holt, which I've had for 18 years.

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"I used to go to London buying stock before attending fashion fares in Dusseldorf twice a year and that's where I found most of my contacts."

The shop sells a range of women's clothing, from smart wear to wedding outfitsThe shop sells a range of women's clothing, from smart wear to wedding outfits (Image: Sonya Duncan, Newsquest)

The shop - which sells casual or smart wear, cruise wear and wedding outfits - has its regulars, some of which have been coming to Isobel's since she had the shop in Exchange Street.

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"A lot of the clothes here are fairly classic and reusable, what I'd call quality fashion," added Isobel.

The shop specialises in bright coloursThe shop specialises in bright colours (Image: Sonya Duncan, Newsquest)

"People come here who have never been in and think it's a sweet shop because there's so much colour you don't get in other clothing shops.

"Thanks to that I have a lot of very regular customers.

"There's no plans to retire and while I'm not in the shop all the time now, I have lovely staff, some who have been with me for more than 20 years so we're like a family."

Isobel, 73, said she has no plans to retire yetIsobel, 73, said she has no plans to retire yet (Image: Sonya Duncan, Newsquest)