From glamour models to Olympic athletes and celebrity chefs, Norwich bookshops have hosted a variety of big-name book signings over the years. 

We had a look back through the archives to remind ourselves of some of the biggest celebrities who have visited the city's bookshops to promote their work.

The Ottakar's bookshop, which features heavily in the list alongside Waterstone and Jarrolds, was taken over by Waterstones in 2006 when the chains merged. 

David Attenborough signing The First Eden in Norwich 1987 (Image: Newsquest)

Terry Wogan at Ottakar's with his autobiography Is it Me? in 2000 (Image: Newsquest) Big Brother star Nick Bateman at Ottakar's with his book Nasty Nick in 2000 (Image: Newsquest)Former royal butler Paul Burrell at Ottakar's with his book A Royal Duty in 2001 (Image: Newsquest)Jamie Oliver signing Jamie's Dinners books at Ottakar's in 2004 (Image: Newsquest) Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt of Status Quo at their XS All Areas book signing at Ottakar's in 2004 (Image: Newsquest) Gordon Ramsay at his 2004 book signing in Ottatkar's (Image: Newsquest) Dame Kelly Holmes signing copies of her autobiography, Black, White and Gold at Ottakar's bookstore in 2005 (Image: Newsquest) Jason Donovan signed his book Between the Lines at Waterstones in 2007 (Image: Newsquest) Katie Price signing Paradise in Waterstones in Norwich in 2010 (Image: Newsquest) David Attenborough signed copies of his book New Life Stories at Waterstones in 2011 (Image: Newsquest) Alan Partridge signs Nomad in Jarrolds in 2016 (Image: Newsqeust) Nigella Lawson visited Jarrolds in 2017 with At My Table (Image: Newsquest)